Design & Quality

We believe that for a curtain to drape well and stay looking good for years means taking no shortcuts. Here are some of the benefits and other information you may find useful in reaching your decision to use Bespoke Drapes.

Handmade curtains are tailor-made to suit the exact requirements of the window they will be dressing. Adaptations to cope with uneven floors, unusual shaped windows and other potential problems are easily achieved. Each project is a brand new canvas and although the basic methods are constant, no two pairs of handmade curtains are the same (unless intended to be!)

All linings and interlings are attached by hand stitching; not only secured at the sides, they are lock-stitched to the face fabric vertically across each width of material and at the seams. This ensures the curtain's fabric and lining (and interlining if present) hang as one giving a lasting superior drape and finish.

Only with a handmade treatment is it possible to make maximum use of fabric pattern and design, achieving stunning results. The colour and look of a fabric can change quite dramatically depending simply on how it is pleated. This can only be achieved with hand-sewn pleats such as double or triple pleats (sometimes referred to as French pleats).

Why choose interlining? This soft fleecy fabric is stitched between the lining and face fabric and historically was just for insulation purposes. Even the most modern and draught-free homes can benefit from interlined curtains as they have a lustrous, rounded look, as well as protecting the face fabric from damage by sunlight. This, in turn, extends the life of your curtains. Children's bedrooms can especially benefit as the interlining naturally cuts out more light.

Roman blinds can be a cost effective option instead of curtains as they use less fabic, thereby giving you the option to select that rather expensive fabric! They can also be enhanced with borders or a pelmet in a contrasting fabric.

On a handmade Roman blind, other than one row of machine stitching where the velcro is attached to the top of the blind, there will not be any machine stitching visible on the face fabric as each rod pocket is stitched into the lining. This ensures that the blind, when fully lowered, shows off the beauty of the fabric only.

Cushions can be made to order in any shape or size with a choice of fillings from feather, feather and down, hypoallergenic or foam.

Bed runners and bed valances can be coordinated with your window treatment, headboard and cushions to give a striking finish to your bedroom. Valances can be designed with inverted/kick pleats, box pleats or simply gathered pleats and can be made to fit any size of bed.

Swags and tails are made in any size and are designed to suit each window.

Our home visit service is designed to fit in around you and therefore we are extremely flexible and are happy to visit customers during the evenings or at weekends.

So what's different about Bespoke Drapes? We care deeply about every project - our aim is to produce the best possible solution for our customers' requirements. We enjoy working on both modern and traditional projects and take great pride in producing curtains, blinds and accessories that clients will be happy with.

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